Everything Our Brides Need to Know....& More!

Thank you for viewing my work! I love what I do, and I am so passionate about being an Artist and the Owner of Happily Ever After LLC. I have been an artist for 27 years, and book 150 weddings myself every year! I also am a Boudoir Photographer and I work with many different artistic mediums! Fantasy makeup, boudoir, magazine shoots, print, corporate just to name a few!  I would love to get the opportunity to work with you!!! If for any reason I am booked for makeup, not to worry I have a small, highly skilled Artistry and Hair design team that freelances for my company! We book up fast, sometimes 1-2 years in advance however I also have amazing sister teams that I work with, and we all support one another and have an amazing referral network in our industry! 

1. I would love to book you  for makeup, what are your prices? what is  your Hair team Pricing?

Nicole Palermo's Makeup Artistry Pricing

$100 to book me. This fee pays to secure your date it is non refundable. This fee also pays for your Bridal Makeup trial.  It is a one time fee. It is best to send it ahead of time , to secure your date. Your bridal Makeup trial: the main goal is to work together in coming up with a vision for your bridal look. I do not schedule trials on the weekend, due to my bookings of my weddings. Trials are scheduled 2-3 months prior to the big day .If you need a trial sooner we do everything in our power to accommodate you. We focus on our present year  brides due to so many brides needing to have their trials. We usually start our new year brides in January of that year! Just discuss your needs with me.

  • $125 Bridal Day of wedding Makeup Traditional makeup
  • $75 Maids/Mom's and any other adult Traditional Makeup
  • $40 Flower girls (soft highlight, gloss, pastel eye-shadow)
  • $20 Lash application for those having makeup done
  • $45 Lash application for those not having makeup done 
  • $10-$100 Tattoo Cover ups (we also need additional time)
  • (If anyone needs a trial other than the bride it is $75. If our bride needs a second trial the cost is $75)

(children and or other fees are not included in the 4 person requirement it must be 4 adults) Unless you are selecting our flat fee option.


Airbrush Makeup Pricing (as close to waterproof as you can achieve!)

  • $150 Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • $100 Maids/Mom's/Any other adult
  • Everything else same as above in terms of my pricing.
  • *Most of our brides choose airbrush, it is completely fine if you have some girls wanting airbrush and some wanting traditional, you must communicate this with your artist so she brings everything with her and is prepared for your wedding.

Travel Fees:

 I charge $1 per mile from my home in Perry Hall. I  only charge one way to the location of where you are getting ready. Any parking or valet fees in the downtown areas are also charged the day of your wedding. I also like to try to carpool if you are booking one of my stylist's or if I am working with someone from a sister team. If I refer you, my team also charges the same fee, from the starting location of their homes. Most life in Baltimore, Towson area.

Hair Pricing for my Elite Stylist's on my HEA Team

  • $95 to book your Stylist. This fee pays to secure your date it is non refundable. This fee also pays for your Bridal Hair trial.  It is a one time fee. It is best to send it ahead of time to your artist, to secure your date. We all have 6-27 yrs experience and we book quickly, 1-2 years in advance.
  • $95 Bridal Hair Updo, half up half down, any bridal style
  • $75 Maids/Mom's and any other adult having bridal hair
  • $65 Blowout Styles (for shorter hair)
  • $50 Flower girls Bridal hair styling (curls, updo's, fancy & Down)
  • $45 Hair Extension fee (the stylist will curl and style your own extensions)
  • Everyone will need to have their hair completely DRY in order to be styled for updos or bridal styles. The blow out cost is only for shorter styles. If there is someone that needs a blow-dry before their updo, it will be an extra fee, and only if we have time. Most of the time we are on a strict timeline and blowouts would need at least an hour booking for mid-long hair in addition to the 45 minutes to create the updo. Please discuss hair needs with your stylist.
  • Children and or other fees are not required in the 4 person requirement it must be 4 adults. (unless you are selecting our flat fee option)


 2. Do you have a number of people as a requirement to book? Yes/but we do have one other option for smaller parties!

We require 4 people for makeup to travel, and we require 4 people for hair to travel.  If for any reason you do not have 4 people in your bridal party or you simply do not meet the requirement, we have one other option so that you can have everyone come to you the day of your wedding. It is our FLAT rate charge. For any HEA Artist to come on site for less than 4 it is $325/plus travel. Same applies to our HEA Stylist's for less than 4 for hair it is a $325 flat rate/plus travel. (this does not include the booking/trial fee or any other additional fees)

So if you have 1 person for makeup or 2-3 it is $325 or 1 person for hair or 2-3. it is a flat rate of $325 will be charged. Please discuss all details with your artist and or stylist If you live very close there are sometimes exceptions to the policy. We offer this so that you have an option if you have a small party.

3. Do I have to book a a stylist with your company?

Of course not! we love working with other Pros in our industry, and if you just need one service we are happy to be chosen. Many of us are best friends in the industry and we have sister companies also that we work with every weekend!  I work with Dana/Nicole from The Brushing Bride, Jamie Halcott owner of Baltimore Bridal Hair, Maria Gee..just to name a few of my favorite creative people in the world!!!!!! I love working with other artist's and stylist's an after 20+years I work with the BEST!!!!!!

4. How do I start the booking process with you and secure my beauty team or one or the other for hair and makeup?

Make sure to read over all of the information here first. After you see how I can meet your needs and you want to book me Please write me at NicoleLivvy3@gmail.com   here are the steps to start the booking process. There is also a contact sheet to send at the bottom of the Q/A page

A.If you are looking to book me for makeup I will check my schedule. If I am booked I will connect you to another Elite Artist on my team. If there is someone in particular you want to work with or have been referred too, please write me and let me know all of the details about your special day, and I will see who is open. If we are all booked I also have sister teams that I work with and have worked with for the last 20 yrs.

B.If you are looking to also book a hair stylist, I will connect you to an Elite partner on our team for bridal hair styling. If for any reason we are all booked we have the most amazing sister Bridal teams that we all work with every weekend. We are a very supportive network, and help one another in our industry to ensure you are in the best hands! So do not worry if you want to work with someone else, I most likely work with them every weekend due to the number of weddings I book! I also refer many weddings to other PROS!

C. As the owner, beauty director and a Makeup artist of 27 years, I am here for all of your needs. I will send you MY contract, and the address will be on the contract of where to send your booking fee. All you have to do is fill out the contract with all of your info that you have thus far, Send $100 check, (booking fee) make it out to NICOLE PALERMO, and send it to me! This fee also pays for your bridal trial.


5. Lets get the bridal booking in full swing so you don't lose your date!

*Make sure to communicate that you want to secure me for your date through email, I have many clients drop off contracts every day trying to secure their date, and it is a first come first serve basis. 

* Your date is not secured or held until we receive the contract and your booking fee. You do not have to have all of the information filled in(this can be added a bit closer to your big day as you confirm details), and you can wait to sign the contract at your trial. This just secures your date, so that you can set up a trial. We do not hold dates without a contract. Once the contract is signed you are booked!


6. What happens After you Book ME or someone from the Happily Ever After Beauty Team?

  • * Our brides of course will receive gorgeous, timeless bridal looks!!
  • * Our brides receive pampering and our patience/skills! we take our time to make things perfect, and we put our hearts into your day, and making sure that everyone feels beautiful!
  • *We communicate, and respond to bridal emails, give advice, and from our experience we tell you all of the things that work and we are honest about the things that do not work!
  • * Our brides receive a Bridal Trial that is all about finding the perfect look! Creating looks that meet your individual needs! Being able to feel comfortable and talk about all of the things you love with hair and makeup. We work together to bring your vision to life!
  • * We offer many gallery images to INSPIRE you when deciding on your look! We also have amazing referrals for healthy airbrush tan/glow, facials/skin-care, massage, nails, lash extensions, threading and so much more!
  • *We also help give you advice on the schedule and how to set it up, the time needed to complete everyone, and how a wedding day is supposed to run smoothly.
  • *We also offer Lashes to our bride as a gift!
  • *In addition to our bride anyone may have a trial in your bridal party, mom, gram, & bridesmaids, the fee is $75

*We use the best quality products in our industry for makeup, skin and hair care! WE use artistry lines Tarte, Dinair, Kett Airbrush, Urban Decay, Anastasia, Bite Cosmetics, Pure Anada, Erzulie, Jose Maran, Sephora lines, Ulta lines, cruelty free products, vegan , paraben free, organic makeup products just to name a few. Our stylist's, use Salon brands and very rich products that give the best results in keeping hair in place, and looking beautiful, to name a few: Bumble & Bumble, It's a 10, Tigi, Amika, and also paraben free/sulfate free products. We educate our clients on what is best, and if you are sensitive or have any allergies you are more than welcome to have us use your products. Just discuss with us prior to your trial. 


7.When do I need to have the final headcount for my wedding day?

2 weeks prior to your wedding day, it is best to find out if not sooner so we can help you with the schedule and timing.

8. What if I have people cancel last minute or the day of the wedding?

If you have less than the 4 for hair and 4 person requirement for makeup we will charge the flat rate for each and that would be $325 for each service. If you requested another artist and are paying the extra artist fee due to the time you all need to be ready, there would be that fee included on your invoice. (see question 9)

9. Will I only get one artist and or one stylist coming to me on the day of my wedding?

YES, most of us book 8-10 person weddings and as long as we have the time it will take to get everyone ready we come alone. There are times I bring someone to help prep or Assist in doing only touch ups, however we do have an Additional Artist/Stylist fee of $125 that we charge, if you require more than one artist and you have less than 4 people for each service. Please talk to me about your needs!

10. How to Prepare for your Bridal Makeup Trial & Hair Trial?

*I have a beautiful in-home bridal studio located in Perry hall. My team also  have their own makeup/hair studios, first book your trial with your artist, we try to book trials all together so you can see hair and makeup, however sometimes it is very difficult with all of our schedules and work weeks. My bridal trials are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I can also be flexible for earlier in the day, or evening. I work every Friday, Saturday and Sunday traveling for weddings so I do not trial on the weekends.  I also run a Bridal boudoir business during the week.

*Bring pictures from magazines, pinterest, makeup you loved from other events. Make sure to bring 2-3 images we do not need 10 images. Also make sure to truly look at the image you choose from Pinterest. Many are highly edited, so you want to make sure to see what the look is really about. Bring Hair pictures an discuss your hair texture, how you part your hair, and normally wear it. your comfort zone things!

*Discuss your look with me or if you are working with an artist/stylist from my team... go over what you love about makeup and what you do not love before the trial starts! If you love black liner tell your artist, if you hate nude lipstick, let her know in the very beginning. The more she knows the better she can create your look! Do not hold back, we are excellent at what we do but we can't read minds. I wish we could lol! Make sure to go over the looks for your hair with your stylist, things you love about the images and if you want to combine looks. Let her give you some good feedback too!

*Show us your dress, veil, jewelry, hair jewelry and anything that can INSPIRE!

*Relax and enjoy the process, make sure to communicate and be honest..we want you to leave and LOVE IT!!!!!

* Come with a clean face or not! We will cleanse it and moisturize, do not wear bright colors it is conflicting with how you see your makeup, wear white or lighter colors.

*Make sure to come with your hair dry! If you do use pantene products, they make your hair very silky and sometimes it is hard for some of the stylist's to get the hair to hold. Just let your stylist know if you are a Pantene girl! If you are getting a blow dry, your HEA stylist will wet your hair!

*Make sure to bring your veil, hair jewelry, tiara, band, or any flower you are using for the big day! Bring your jewelry too if you like!

*We love to take pictures of the makeup trial and hair trial, but remember the cell phone picture is not the best quality or how the look will be on the day of... your makeup will not have all of the waterproofing in case your artist needs to tweak things. Your hair will not be set and finalized due to the quick changes made during the trial also.

*If you are paying for your trials on the day of, make sure to bring a check or cash. WE do not accept credit card payments at this time.

*Most of our studios are smaller bridal studios, so make sure to discuss who you are bringing with you. 1-2 people is fine... but you want to make sure the space is available. Also make sure to not let anyone's opinion effect what you want! It is important for the trial to be about you. 

11. What is the difference between Traditional Makeup and Airbrush Makeup? Information coming soon!

12. Do  you supply eye lashes?

Yes we do, we supply SINGLE lashes for lash application since they look so gorgeous and more natural. We use small and medium length.  If you love the strip lashes we ask you to bring the set you love, we can use any you like by MAC, Ardell, or KISS... and yes it is still $20 for the application only if we are doing your makeup. It is $45 for the application if you are not having makeup done.

13. I am on a tight budget can you just do eye makeup?

No my love we can't, the reason being is we are artist's, and our work is only represented when we do your entire face, and make sure the rest of your look is flawless. I would say to just do your makeup, if you are concerned about price, just make sure to wear a primer so it lasts all day and to bring touch up products: gloss, powder and blot papers to touch up! Add just a touch more, not too much, since you will be dancing and having too much fun!

14. Can you teach me what you are doing while you do it?

YES I can, at my studio on any other day than today! wedding days are not the day we have the time to focus on a lesson, we have to make sure everyone is done in the short time we have and that everyone feels and looks beautiful!

15. I am very sensitive to many products & ingredients and I am concerned, what should I do?

In our industry our products have 1000's of ingredients and it could be any one ingredient that you have a reaction too. Make sure to know what you are sensitive too, and or allergic. More importantly is the risk worth it? A trial may be suggested to make sure you do not have a reaction. We are highly skilled and we can use any makeup and have it look beautiful, so if you have special products we do not mind using them.. same with hair; The only concern is the durability of those products. You may have to touch up throughout the night but at least your skin will LOVE you for it! (If you are vegan, gluten free, or simply need specific products just discuss everything with us!) We use the best quality products and we sanitize and clean everything! 

16. Which  payments do you accept on the day of the wedding for hair and makeup?

We accept a check & cash from our BRIDE, MOB, FOB...only.  Everyone else that is having hair and makeup done in the bridal party we do require cash only. We do not accept credit cards at this time or paypal.

17. Can you help me with my schedule and how to write up my beauty timeline?

YES and Breathe. I promise this works! Each artist works differently but this will give you an idea, just discuss specifically with  your ARTIST:  Makeup: We need 45 min-1hr for our Bride to have their makeup done.  We need 30 minutes for each additional person. It is very important to add in an additional 30-40 min as buffer! Just in case someone needs more time, we come back for touch ups, or we have anything unforseen happen where we just need safety net time. Tattoo cover ups need time to schedule also! It can take 20-40 min to cover a tattoo. 

Hair Schedule: We need 45-60 min for the bride and each stylist 30-40 min for each additional person having their hair done. Make sure to discuss with your Stylist anything they need to know about your bridal party, if it is something that may create issues with the schedule. If you have a friend with LONG curly, hair past their knees lol. Tell us! Or a friend with a sexy mohawk, that likes i to stick straight up! we like to know as much as possible.

If you have a larger party it is important to start as EARLY as possible. We do what we all the Swap METHOD.  Your artist, and stylist both take one person, work their magic, then swap when complete! We do this until the very end, and then go back for touch ups..or have an assistant touch up! It works out beautifully!

Make sure to know that written schedules are always Tweaked, on the day of we must have someone in our chair at all times in order to complete everyone on time!

18. Starting on time, the IMPORTANCE and how it effects everyone?

I need to be 100% honest here. We have had brides late for their own weddings, when we can't get ANYONE to get in our chairs or if things are not in order to a certain extent. If we need to start at 9:00 and no one arrives until 10:00 it puts us an hour behind. we can't make up that hour. Usually this means your photographer suffers, and does not have the time needed to take beautiful images and document the getting ready and before hand pictures.  If you have someone that wants to add on hair or makeup last minute we need to make sure we have the time, that is why we get a headcount 2-3 weeks prior to the big day. As wedding vendors, we will also communicate any travel delays and we do account for this with you and your bridal party also! there are times that traffic, accidents or route changes take place.

19. When time COSTS money? Late fee charge

WE NEVER like our brides to incur extra costs, however we must be able to do our jobs efficiently, if we do not have people in our chair to create these beautiful looks for... in the end it will all fall onto our shoulders and we will have to rush, do work that is not up to our standards, and take away time from one of the most important people "your photographer".  It can also cause you to be late for your own ceremony.

If we are waiting for more than 25 min.  in between faces you risk being charged a late fee of $1 per minute. For example if your stylist is waiting an hour with no one to work on the late fee is $60 This is rare however it has happened, so we need to work together, and be respectful of one another's time and the importance of this day and start of the CEREMONY time.

20. What if there is an emergency, and our Artist/Stylist cancels my wedding?

 I can honestly say in 27 years I only had to cancel one wedding and the reason, emergency appendicitis with my daughter and rushing her to the ER. At the ER on a friday afternoon, I booked another amazing artist for the Saturday wedding in fear, that I would be at the hospital for a few days! I was right.  When things happen we have a support system, and we call on that support network. We do everything in our power to fix any problem or emergency.  Life can throw major curveballs on someone's wedding: death in the family, accidents, illness or even severe weather. Our main concern, is to make sure that your day is not impacted by these things.  We love our brides and want to reassure you that we will do whatever is in our power, to be there in case of a tragic event or find someone that can take our place.

21. Our FINAL confirmation, what we need as your beauty Team and what we will SEND to you a week before your big day or the Monday of your wedding week so we finalize everything!

Final CONFIRMATION will be sent by your artist and or Stylist:

* We send you an email confirmation, confirming, Time to start, be ready, address of getting ready location? How many final for hair and or makeup.

*Price recap, Travel fee recap, and all contact cell recap

* We will also remind you about the envelope method of payment (read below)

Your Beauty Team NEEDS:

  • * Our bride to confirm everything, and tell us it looks perfect or send us changes to the final email.  
  • * We need to know your room number if getting ready in a hotel the night before
  • * We need to know ANYTHING special, or stressful  about driving, location,Parking, routes, marathons/events 
  • *Valet and or parking fees are paid by our bride in addition to our travel quote
  • *Allotted area & space for your  artist and your stylist to work! A large kitchen table, or office table in a hotel. 
  • * Your Artist needs natural light and Electric outlets for their Airbrush Machines
  • * Your Stylist will need EVERYONE'S hair to be DRY! 
  • * Your Stylist will need Electric outlets for her hair tools & a low back chair
  • * The bridal party needs to be ready to get in the chair and start, a nice flow, back to back

*Every now and then there may be someone in your bridal party or family, that will require special attention or have special needs ie: someone with Rosacea, skin hyper-pigmentation, mobility issues or any type of medical condition. Feel free to discuss anything with us so we know and we can help in every way. We want this experience to be special for everyone, and we want to be SENSITIVE and caring to everyone's needs.

 22. MOST important thing that truly saves our brides time and stress " THE Envelope METHOD of payment" 

We tell all of our brides the envelope payment is a LIFE Saver!!!! Take two envelopes one mark for your MAKEUP ARTIST and one mark for your HAIR STYLIST. On the front write down each name of each person getting hair and or makeup done. By their name write down anything special:if they are getting lashes or a blow out.

Have each person put the cash in the envelope for the service and check their name off. Do this at the beginning of the day! In the past our brides have been running around trying to collect this money to pay her vendors and it can make everyone late to the ceremony if pushed to the last minute. Plus it can be very stressful

Our Bride should have a SEPARATE envelope with her Bridal payments, travel fee and any additional fees added and written on the front.

All artist's and stylist's are Individual beauty Pros, even though they freelance for HEA beauty team,  so the payments need to be separate. 

Day of Payments: cash  is Preferred however we always accept cash and check by our bride, MOB, and FOB. CASH only is required from everyone else in the party. NO credit cards or paypal are accepted at this time. Our brides are more than welcome to write us one check. 

TIPS: We usually receive tips anywhere from 20-30%. Tips are always appreciated and NEVER expected! We are just happy to be apart of one of the most important days of your life!