My name is Nicole Palermo, and I want to tell you a little bit about myself, although I am more excited to learn about your story!  First and foremost, thank you so much for stopping by to view my portfolio of work! This journey is truly an amazing one and one that I feel blessed to have in my life. If you are looking for gorgeous makeup and hair for your wedding day, look no further! I love being a makeup artist, and two years ago, I hired an amazing team of Artist's and Hair stylist's to partner with me, and represent my business Happily Ever After LLC. I now have 10 Elite artist's and stylist's that work by my side, and book weddings every weekend. I also have an amazing network of Makeup Artist's and Hair stylist's in our industry that I have worked with for the last 29 years. We all refer weddings to one another, and support one another in this amazing career.  Over the last few years I started a  Boudoir Photography business, and I do wardrobe styling and  create these very sultry photo-shoots for many of my clients, wanting to surprise the one they love! 


I love life and I am inspired by everything that surrounds me. When it comes to makeup, you will never feel more beautiful, and I will help you to see the beauty that is already there to begin with, 29 years of experience, I am humble, genuine, constantly pushing myself to new levels in my artistry and confident that you will not need to look any further. All I need is the opportunity to touch your face!  If you are here, I know that I am the artist for you. We all have insecurities, and vulnerabilities but I have to say without a shadow of a doubt there are two things that I think come natural to me: I am a really great mom, and I have a gift of making people feel beautiful. I never take for granted these gifts in my life. 



I was born in San Pedro California, however I am a little City Girl at heart! I lived in  Highlandtown for 12 years, and all of the people that I spent my childhood with live there! One big Italian Family!


My family and my friends are my heart, and I thank God every day for how happy they make me.


I have been married for 19 years, and I still am madly in love (most days)! He is my soulmate, I love his eyes and he has a beautiful smile. I am an artist, and I paint also. So my house looks like Alice in Wonderland, however we do have a MAN cave. Ravens purple, and I am not allowed to glue any gems to the wall!


I have an AA degree in Business Management, and I attended college for 4 years, and changed my major 3 times, ending with Health Science. My poor mother. MOM I love you, I am sorry I put you through hell!


Get ready to laugh! Here are some of my many jobs before I followed my true dream: Fitness Instructor, Cleaning Maid, Victoria Secret Manager, MCI telemarketer (I lasted 3 days), Italian Deli shop cashier, Vaccaro's Bakery girl, Nanny for 2 beautiful boys! Nanny for 4 sweet girls, Waitress (very bad one I might add), Hostess, Bartender, Estee Lauder Makeup Artist, I worked for:  Nina Ricci in DC,  Merle Norman, Tigi Cosmetics, Robert Andrew Day Spa receptionist and artist.,and then finally the gates of ART heaven opened and in big bright lights MAC cosmetics! This is where the magic started to happen!


I worked for MAC for 7 years in Nordstrom and I currently freelance when I can find time with my busy schedule. MAC was the door that opened, where everything I had ever hoped for was on the other side! The most amazing family of artist's embraced me, and to this day was the best training I have ever received! I love you MAC girls!


When I was little I loved all pretty, glittery, sparkly things, oh and things that smelled good! I am a girls girl and it is no suprise to me, that being an artist, was the answer to my dreams! It started with Tinkerbell makeup and Baby Soft perfume! My mother had the expensive products such as Lancome, and Estee Lauder. I would always try to dip my fingers in those little jars and run!


I have run Happily Ever After LLC, Pro Bridal Makeup & Hair Team for  20 years!  


I also have had the opportunity to work with amazingly talented  Photographers, makeup artist's and bridal stylist's. We love to network and we all support one another in our dreams!


Makeup was just the start of the puzzle pieces falling into place, I now do makeup for 150  weddings/Photo-shoots  a year and  I have an amazing Pro Artistry & Hair team.  We take care of your every need and bring everything to you!

The last 6 years I have also worked in Photography, styling many clients for photo-shoots, my specialty has become Boudoir Photography. I love creating the sultry look for hair and makeup, and then taking the pictures for my clients! It is amazing how special women feel during their shoot, and the outcome, a flawless image, and moment in their lives!


When it comes to makeup I am your girl! I create looks  for models, actors, Photo-shoot clients, Bridal Boudoir, Vicoria Secret Style Sexy shoots, Print, Editorial, Fantasy  Children's shoots and  lets not forget Fashion.  I work with the most amazing people in the industry and I love every moment of it!




In 2013, I was hired for  an Education,  position at the Color Lab Academy of Hair, where I designed their makeup program and taught an amazing makeup course. I also decided to hire a team of elite artist's and stylist't to freelance for my company Happily Ever After. I refer so many weddings to these amazingly talented women. WE try to make sure all of your beauty needs are met, and to create the look that you have always dreamed of for your special day!




My Makeup work & written articles have been showcased in Style Magazine, Harford Style Magazine, Baltimore Style magazine, The Sun Wedding layout, B- Woman Magazine, Model Life Editions,  Scrapbook Magazine for Children and on FOX 45!


Two major moments in my makeup career: Being called to do makeup for America's Most Haunted places network show on the travel channel, and meeting Charleton Heston and doing his family's makeup for a gala in DC. (If you are too young to remember, Charleton Heston played MOSES and was a famous actor!)


If I had to describe my style, I would say, I am a PINUP girl at heart and I am living in the wrong era! If you offered me diamonds, I would love it..but if you offered me a vintage store with tulle gowns, and wiggle dresses I would pass out from JOY!


I love and miss my Grandmother and Grandfather every day. She was beautiful, great bone structure, big blue eyes, and her favorite word that she used almost every day. The F-WORD. No joke, she loved it!


One funny thing about me that most people do not know but may expect: I wore a full face of makeup and lashes, to go to the hospital and give birth to my daughter. 23 hours later a beautiful baby girl 8 lbs (9ounces) was born. My mascara had run down my face, and my fake lashes looked like wild facial hairs growing out of my cheek (since they were cried off) LOL!


My goal in life, is to love and embrace people, to use my talents to make women feel confidant and breathtakingly beautiful! To help each and every woman see the beauty they possess! We are all flawed, but those flaws are unique and so is our BEAUTY! I want to touch as many faces in my lifetime, where I can make a difference! As women we all want to feel LOVED, appreciated and beautiful. The art of makeup, is a step in the right direction.




Nicole Palermo

Happily Ever After LLC.

Elite Artistry & Hair Design Team